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NOW for Summer 

Company Z will return fall of 2020.  We operate on Friday and Saturday nights and all bookings must be made in advance online. We book groups of 12 but allow for singles and mixed groups also.


You can book your zombie 

apocalypse experience right here!


Ever Wondered What you Would Do in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Hunters Wanted

Ever wondered what you would do in a zombie apocalypse?  Here is your chance!  Company Z is a live action theatrical experience that has your group fighting for their lives in a zombie apocalypse!  Our scenario takes place in the backwoods of Louisiana and immerses you in a story involving moonshiners, a hillbilly feud and a newer deadlier breed of zombies roaming the forests in Duncan County.


Company Z is a 45 minute immersive experience and is a great adventure for novice paintballers or people who have never held a paintball gun in their lives as the customer is NOT shot at.  

The walking plague cannot be survived by one person. It's a bitter, lonely, and very dangerous way to live in the zombie ridden Bayou.  A true zombie hunter knows that they have to band together with other survivors. It’s their only chance to make it out alive!


Company Z would like to help all zombies hunters experience our one of a kind zombie apocalypse scenario game.  If you do not have a full group, or dare to come out on your own, we’ve got the solution for you.


Have no fear, we now have time slots dedicated to singles/mixed groups for your zombie hunting pleasure.


Midway Paintball

5500 Indian Road

Duncan, BC

 Apocalypse Rate

$50 per person


Company Z

in action!

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