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The Rogues of Company Z

The back woods of post-Zombie Louisiana are full of all kinds of characters; moonshiners, vagabonds, raiders, and miscreants of all imaginable kinds. Here is a look at some of the most major players you can expect to encounter. As we discover new personalities, they will be added over time.

You will notice many of these folks are represented by zombies. This is not an accident. Zombies are never an accident.

The Duggans

- Old Joe-Bob Duggan

- Little Boy-Bob Duggan
- Missus Tina-Bob Duggan

A family of moonshiners, miscreants, and an all-around nuisance throughout the back woods of Louisiana. 


As proven by a smart-ass scientist during Season 2, the entire family is immune to the zombie virus simply because they smell worse than the zombies and have no brains to infect.


New Orleans

Police & Emergency

A task force formed following the New Orleans outbreak. This agency has the job of sending armed

"working parties" to trouble spots throughout Louisiana, with the intent of pacifying hordes and keeping the peace.

Consists of police, military, private militia, emergency services, and more than a few mercenaries hired by COMPANY Z.


Red Seal chef, owner of Roadkill Cafe

Formerly Bob the Butcher, the prep cook for the Moonshine Army. Bob was chased from the Ghost Town by Duggan when it was discovered that he was feeding the villagers meat that had been tainted. 

His zombie was first spotted at the Tire Yard, after he succumbed to a mob of zombies.


Dental Assistant

The only dentist in Takala County at the time of the outbreak, Lenny's license was revoked when it was discovered that his anesthetic was nothing more than plain, home-brewed moonshine from the Duggan family. 

Before New Orleans fell, Lockjaw was still practicing illegally out of the back of a white van that advertises free candy. 


Junkyard Lady

The operator and only employee at "Tee Wrecks," a wrecking yard in Takala County that broke apart old cars and salvaged them for parts.

Thelma was chopped to death when the moonshiners discovered her bite mark, reanimated as a zombie, and killed a second time during the Sheriff's escape from Takala.

Danny Deever

Crane Operator

After the tainted meat episode, the Moonshine Army fell back to their stores of canned food, only to find supplies far too short. 

Following the empty cans, Duggan discovered that the thief was none other than Danny Deever, who was then sentenced by mob justice to hang from the neck until dead.

He never died.

Chuck Testes

Taxidermist, professional decoy

Known more for his awful commercials on cable-access TV than his skills, Chuck struggled with mediocrity his entire life. 

Even after he became a zombie, Chuck was quickly taken down, his remains stuffed with foam and balled-up newspapers to prevent reanimation.

Best scarecrow ever.

Lenny and/or Carl

This guy and that guy

Nobody remembers who Lenny and/or Carl were before the outbreak.

In fact, nobody even knows which one is supposed to be Lenny, and which one is Carl - nor did anyone really care enough to ask.

Lenny and/or Carl both met their ends in Takala when the horde caught up with them outside the compound.

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