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How do I book a time to come zombie hunting?

Go onto our bookings page and you will see a calendar with dates and times that you can choose from.  Then you will be able to pre-book your zombie tour using our secure payment method.  All games MUST be pre-booked online.


Where is the location and how do I get there?

Company Z is located at Midway Paintball at 5500 Indian Road, Duncan, BC.  Once you book your game we will send you a confirmation with a detailed map.


What if I am late?

We ask that customers arrive half an hour before their game starts.  If you are late the game will either run without you or be cancelled as we are on a tight schedule so that we don’t keep our zombie hunters waiting.


How old do you have to be to participate?

14 years old is the minimum age and all minors need a waiver signed by their guardian.  Minor wavers can be downloaded off of our website, printed and signed before arrival.  Adult waivers are provided on the website and at the Company Z site..


Can I bring my own paintball gun?

No, you cannot.  We provide all paintball guns, masks and ammo.  If you would like to bring your own mask you are more than welcome – just leave the gun at home!


Are there local hotels and campsites in the area?

 There are many campsites and hotels in the local area.


How many people can play?

Between 8-12 players.  No exceptions.  The experience gets diminished with more than 12.


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable warm clothing – it is October on the Island and it can get chilly and wet at night.  Wear shoes that you can navigate a forest in the dark in….And most importantly DRESS APPROPRIATELY FOR A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!  It’s a dirty battle out there……


What if it is raining –will the game be cancelled?

Rain or shine zombie hunters…..


Can I take photos or videos?

No.  Cameras, cell phones, Go Pros and video equipment are prohibited.  This way we keep the surprises coming for the next players.  We are more than happy to take a picture of your group either before or after the game.


How close do the zombies get and what if I freak out and clobber a zombie?

We have a strict safety policy for both the customers and the zombies.  There is always a safe distance kept between zombies and customers and if a player gets aggressive and makes physical contact with the zombies they will be removed immediately from the game.  And we’ve got people watching ya!


Can we get our money back if we were too scared?

No, it’s a zombie apocalypse.  If you got scared we did our job.

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